Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Spider veins are those red or blue lines that can sometimes appear on the face or legs. These superficial veins often show up when excess pressure is put on certain parts of our bodies. When this pressure builds up, these offshoot lines become more prominent and bulge above the skin. Though rarely painful, these veins can sometimes feel irritating and be unpleasant to look at for those who struggle with them. If you have spider veins that you would prefer to live without, we welcome you to connect with our team at Renew MedSpa today.

Why Do Spider Veins Occur?

Varicose and spider veins develop when a lot of pressure is put on certain parts of our bodies. These twisted, unsightly lines can sometimes cause bouts of itching, burning, and irritation. Those that live with varicose vein pain often struggle to control these symptoms and often resort to invasive treatment solutions. However, laser treatments in the form of photorejuvenation can be just as effective, providing non-invasive relief with no downtime.

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What Are the Signs?

Perhaps the most prominent sign of having these veins is their distinct visual appearance. With this condition, veins in the leg and on the face can be easily identified simply by looking at them. They may be bulging out and could be surrounded by discoloration, appearing more blue or red than other veins.

Other common symptoms include pain, itching, and irritation in some cases. If you experience these issues, then coming in for treatment may be right for you.

Photorejuvenation for Treating Spider Veins

At Renew MedSpa, we offer our effective photorejuvenation treatment for addressing the appearance of spider veins. Our photorejuvenation laser uses the power of intense pulsed light (IPL) to resurface the skin.

During the application process, your skin will absorb the light energy emitted by the device, using the ablative properties of intense heat. While your skin is heated, your underlying cells will also be stimulated to enhance your body’s natural cell regeneration, allowing your system to heal.


Treating Spider Veins in Eagan, MN

At Renew MedSpa, we can provide you with effective relief from spider veins and other unsightly skin issues. If you are in need of skin rejuvenation, we welcome you to connect with our team and explore our full range of treatment options. To make an appointment, fill out the form below or give us a call at (651) 393-7175.