Stretchmarks and sagging skin on the tummy are a common occurrence for those who went through a pregnancy or in the process of losing weight.

Stretchmarks often appear despite our best efforts to control the tightness of our skin. Traditional treatments for reducing stretchmarks include using oil, frankincense, or some other home remedy concoctions. However, these options have not been proven to show promising results. If you’ve tried everything and come up empty-handed, our team at Renew MedSpa is here to help. We offer several treatment options to help you reduce the appearance of your stretchmarks and tighten the skin on your tummy.

What Causes Stretchmarks?

Also known as striae, stretchmarks often appear as areas of scarring and discoloration. While most common amongst pregnant women, they can also occur due to adolescent growth spurts and weight gain. These marks typically happen due to an increase in cortisone within the body. When levels of this hormone increase in excess, skin pliability can be dramatically reduced, leading to stretching. Cortisone prevents fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibers and leads to the ridges in the skin typically associated with this issue.

Woman with stretchmarks

What Are the Signs?

These strange lines do not cause any major health risks and show little symptoms aside from their visual appearance. Though harmless, many people would prefer to reduce their appearance for cosmetic reasons. If left untreated, stretchmarks may gradually fade to white, but rarely disappear completely. These markings are essentially scars on the body and can be pertinent without aesthetic intervention.

Treatments for Stretchmarks

Reducing the appearance of stretchmarks is one of the things we do best here at Renew MedSpa. When you arrive for your consultation with our team, we will assess the appearance and location of your marks to determine the best treatment course. Some of the most popular options for reducing stretchmarks at our center include:

Treating Stretchmarks in Eagan, MN

If you have a lot of stretchmarks on your body that you would prefer to live without, we can help. Our team at Renew MedSpa is ready to provide you with a range of treatment options to help improve the quality and appearance of your skin.