Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores

Reducing the size of your enlarged pores is possible and can go a long way in preventing acne. Often, really big pores fill with excessive amounts of oil and debris, causing acne, blackheads, and other complications. As pores enlarge they being to have a significant impact on your appearance. To make things worse, clogged pores can often succumb to infections. If you’re worried about the size of your pores, our team here at Renew MedSpa can help. We offer a range of treatment options designed to help clear your pores and reduce their size.

What causes enlarged pores?

Large pores occur when sebaceous glands that produce oil become clogged. Ordinarily, pores retain their normal size despite oil production, but certain factors can lead to a lot of clogging and dilated pores. These factors include decreased skin elasticity, increased hair follicle volume, and abnormally excessive sebum production. All of these issues can combine to tarnish the look of your skin. The treatment options offered at our Eagan center are geared toward improving skin texture by removing excess oil and thus reducing dilated pore size.

What are the signs?

Enlarged nose pores are perhaps the most common indication of having excess oil on your skin. As your body produces more oil, the oil gets stored within your pores and traps more debris. Over time, this manifests as larger blackheads and acne flare-ups. Having red, irritated skin is another common sign of having really big pores. If these concerns sound like something you’re going through, we’re happy to provide you with the treatments needed to alleviate them.

Treatments for enlarged pores

Our team at Renew MedSpa provides a range of different treatments for enlarged pores. These treatments are individualized based on your specific skin care needs. Your concerns are unique to you and require personalized attention. We invite you to schedule a consultation today and explore all of the ways we can help.

Treating enlarged pores in Eagan, MN

If you have enlarged pores and other skin concerns that you’d like treated such as acne, acne scarring, skin laxity, and wrinkles. If you’re struggling with enlarged pores and long for an effective solution, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Renew MedSpa today.

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