Moles and Skin Tag Removal

Moles and Skin Tag Removal

Moles and skin tags are skin growths that are typically harmless to the individual but may be bothersome to them. If your moles or other skin lesions are bothering you, then it’s perfectly okay to get rid of them, and we can help here at Renew MedSpa.

Using our Opus Plasma Colibri or Plasma Pen therapy, we can easily remove moles, skin tags, age spots, melasma, milia, papillomas, sun spots, seborrheic keratosis, and acne scars.

How it works

Prior to treatment we use a prescription strength topical numbing cream to numb your skin. Then we use plasma energy to remove or flatten a skin lesion. After the treatment, a brown crust similar to a scab will form immediately and will heal and fall off naturally within 7-10 days. Lesions treated on the body may take longer to heal than lesions on the face.


Our Mole and Skin Tag removal service is $250 for 30 minutes (after 45 minutes of numbing). We can typically remove up to 10 in that time.

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