Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a real chore. Shaving and waxing are possibly the most common methods but are certainly not the most comfortable out there. Razor burn and the irritation caused by waxing can be frustrating, which is why our team at Renew MedSpa is here to provide an effective and comfortable alternative. At our Eagan, MN center, we offer laser hair removal services to help you get the smooth skin you’ve always wanted. If you struggle with excessive amounts of hair on your legs, arms, bikini area, or other location, we can help.

What Causes Unwanted Hair?

Your hormone levels are typically what dictate the amount of unwanted hair on your body. The main hormones responsible for hair quantity are called androgens. androgens control the density of body hair after puberty and are more active in men. Your androgen quantity can make the appearance of your hair thicker, darker, and more visible. For those who have sensitive skin, also have an excessive amount of body hair can cause quite a bit of skin irritation at times. At Renew MedSpa, our laser hair removal system is designed to provide results without causing excessive irritation or requiring downtime.

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What Are the Signs?

Those who have excessive amounts of unwanted hair often struggle with frequent ingrown hairs, blackheads, and regular irritation in some cases. Hair regrowth after shaving can be especially itchy and uncomfortable for those with sensitive or regularly dry skin.

If you often forego shaving due to the discomfort it causes, trying our GentleMax Pro laser hair removal treatment may be an excellent option for you. Our system offers great hair removal while also slowing down regrowth and potentially stopping it altogether.

Laser Hair Removal With Renew MedSpa

When it comes to unwanted hair, our GentleMax Pro laser hair removal system is an excellent choice. Our powerful laser provides utilized pulses of targeted energy to address hair follicles at their source. The pulsed energy lasts for only a fraction of a second. When activated, that laser pulse is absorbed by the hair and converted to heat. This process damages the follicle, eliminating it and preventing re-growth for a prolonged period of time.


Laser Hair Removal Services in Eagan, MN

At Renew MedSpa, our aim is to give you a comfortable treatment experience each and every time. Our laser hair system can offer you exceptional unwanted hair removal without downtime or irritation.