Turkey Neck

Turkey Neck

One of the things many people don’t anticipate as they age is the skin on their neck loses elasticity, becomes loose, and wrinkles and folds can be accentuated. The rather unglamorous term for this is “Turkey Neck.” Nothing gives away your age faster than a saggy turkey neck. Some may be surprised to learn that the skin on our neck ages faster than the skin on our face.

Why does the neck age faster?

  • Your neck contains fewer oil glands than the face. Natural body oil helps preserve the hydration of the skin. Without this natural hydration, your neck will appear to age faster than your face.
  • Constant movement of the neck (twisting and turning).
  • Unprotected sun exposure – people tend to care for and protect their face skin but often forget about their neck.
  • Weight loss.
  • Life choices such as smoking and alcohol use.

How to treat and prevent Turkey Neck

Plasma Pen is a fantastic treatment for sagging jowls, turkey neck, hooded eyelids, bags under the eyes, puffy eyes, and overall loose skin. Plasma Pen delivers the most optimal and natural looking, long-lasting results, shortest down time, and the fastest recovery as it uses your own body’s healing process.

How long do results last?

Results are considered permanent; however, our skin continues to age, so you can expect the results to last anywhere from three or more years. Doing a Plasma Pen treatment on your neck before turkey neck sets in is an excellent preventative treatment, because Plasma Pen creates collagen and elastin. Therefore, maintaining or building up your collagen level before things get saggy is an excellent preventative solution to turkey neck.

Plasma Pen Neck Lift Before and After Photos
Before and 3 months after a Plasma Pen treatment (Renew MedSpa client)

Benefits of Plasma Pen Fibroblast treatments

  • Natural alternative to synthetic, short-term neurotoxins and fillers.
  • Naturally creates collagen and elastin, which, in turn, soften or eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Very good and long-lasting results (3+ years).
  • Very good results for skin resurfacing. addresses superficial to complex textural and skin-quality concerns that are traditionally corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full-field ablative resurfacing lasers, but with less downtime and a higher safety profile.
  • Non-invasive preventative treatment to prevent fine lines and wrinkles forming. In other words, you don’t have to wait until you have developed lines and wrinkles to produce more collagen and elastin.
Plasma Pen Neck Lift Before and After photos