Opus Colibri Nonsurgical Eye Lift

Opus Colibri Nonsurgical Eye Lift

The Opus Colibri eye treatment is a nonsurgical blepharoplasty treatment that tightens sagging eye skin and rejuvenates the appearance of your eyes without the need for surgery. The delicate skin on the eyelid, undereye, and crow’s feet areas are treated with radiofrequency and fractional-plasma energy to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, resulting in a more youthful, softened, and alert appearance. This treatment is a highly effective alternative to more invasive surgical procedures without significant downtime.


  • Minimizes the appearance of drooping or loose skin on the eyelid, undereye, and crow’s feet areas
  • Tightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces undereye puffiness
  • Builds collagen
  • Long-lasting results

Who’s a candidate

Safe for all skin types.

How it works

A prescription-strength topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area for 45 minutes to ensure maximum comfort, and then the Opus Colibri device delivers radiofrequency and fractional plasma technology to the eyelid and undereye areas to create controlled micro injuries to the skin, which causes micro-ablation damage and skin contraction. This treatment takes about 30 minutes after numbing. During and after the treatment, patients may feel a warm sensation similar to how a sunburn feels, but it should subside quickly. Overall, the procedure is relatively painless, and patients can return to their daily routine immediately after the treatment.

Optional Add-on: It’s recommended to add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) undereye injections to build even more collagen, enhance results, and increase healing time.


Builds collagen, resulting in tighter, smoother skin and a refreshed, younger look.

What is the downtime?

Because Opus Collibri creates minimal inflammation, the average downtime consisting of pink, blotchy, tight, and dry skin is 1-3 days and you can resume your normal activities whenever you feel ready. Typically, nobody will notice you had anything done 48 hours post treatment. Following are the phases of skin recovery.

  • Directly after treatment – the skin is pink, blotchy, and looks and feels like a sunburn. Swelling may occur and last up to 3 days post treatment.
  • 1-3 days post treatment – the skin is less pink and blotchy and will be tight, dry, and have a rough texture. There may be areas of the skin that have micro scabbing that will exfoliate over a few days. You can wear makeup starting 48 hours post treatment.
  • 4-7 days post treatment – the skin color has returned to normal, and your skin will be tight, dry, and flakey.
  • Day 24 to 1 year post treatment – The newly formed collagen fibers form a network, and the skin becomes increasingly stronger. It may take several months for the regeneration phase to complete and for the connective tissue structures to reorganize. This is the treatment that keeps on giving, and results can continue to be seen up to one-year post-treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

Visible results can be seen with one treatment. For optimal results, a series of 3 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart is recommended with ongoing maintenance treatments as needed.


Treatment Area3 Treatments1 Treatment
Eyelid, undereye, and crow’s feet areas$2,850$1,100
Eyelid or undereye area$1,850$650
Undereye PRP Injections$1,850$650

Recommended post-treatment products

Following are recommended products to use starting 10 days post treatment, which have been selected exclusively for the Opus Colibri Eye treatment to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. Product purchases are optional and sold separately, and sales tax is not included when bundled purchase with treatment.

Product Bundle Eyes: $243

The Opus Colibri nonsurgical eye treatment is a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery. Schedule an appointment today.